May 18, 2016


Liebestod "Beta Male" 12" EP (released May 2016)

Available at Chondritic Sound.

Culled from the foggy heights of german industrial, the sound palate of Beta Male sees an invigorating breadth and depth for the genre. From the swirling, claustrophobic symbiosis of acoustic clamor with scrupulous electronics in the vain of Maria Zerfall, to the commanding synthesized martial churns of pre-9/11 power electronics, each of the meticulous and practiced compositions on Beta Male could be the stand-out track on any State Art or Loki Foundation compilation.

Elevated by the painstaking, obsessive production, though, LIEBESTOD’s work shoots 62gr rounds through the typical 1k ceilings and monotonous vocal offerings of those classics. Methodical high-end assaults and a choir of tortured, introverted voices sing a cringe-inducing case for the euthanasia of masculinity. Nothing lingers as the conflicting sympathy and revulsion evoked by the grief-stricken lone gunman is fascinatingly and gruesomely detailed.